Progressive Jackpot Games

September 13th, 2007

Progressive jackpot games currently have some huge jackpots waiting there for some very lucky player. When the jackpots are large, I regularly make my contributions to the burgeoning jackpots. I have this view that the larger the jackpot gets, the closer some lucky player is to winning it and I sure as hell would love to be that lucky player. So far Lady luck has eluded me on this quest but tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity!

At the time of writing, the jackpot for Roulette Royale stands at $625,939.82 and King Cashalot stands at $492,139.23 . You can check these constantly changing jackpots at Jackpot Tickers free of the pop ups that are normally associated with them.

Good Luck fellow jackpot hunters!


Roulette Gambling Strategy

September 3rd, 2007

A roulette gambling strategy intended to manipulate the casino bonuses  almost all online casinos give to attract new players to their casino. The crux of the system is that a player deposits say $50 (GBP’s, Euros) and receives an equivalent 50 unit bonus conditional on that bonus being wagered a set minimum number of times before the new client can make a withdrawal.

The strategy is simple, the player elects to play roulette and bets say $24 on black, $24 on red and $2 on the ‘0′. With the European game, regardless of whether black or red comes up the player comes out square on those two bets and looses the $2 on the ‘0′ bet. In theory a player should be able to come out at least $30 ahead after making the minimum number of wagers and then withdrawing his deposit and the remainder of the new player bonus. If Lady Luck is on his side and the ‘0′ comes up a few times at 35 to 1 odds, he could end up much better off. is one of the best websites for casino-mate

There are a couple of slight flaws in the theory. Online casinos have long been concerned about ‘bonus whoring’ and have implemented measures to minimize its impact on their bottom line. Individual casinos could do this by the fine print in their “bonus conditions” or by triggers built into the software that reject bets that effectively automatically cancel each other as would be the case if I choose to bet equal amounts on red and black. In a land based casino, the bets on red and black are pointless because their sole purpose is to meet wagering requirements to facililitate making a withdrawal as soon as those conditions are met.

Whilst I have never seen anyone try to implement such a strategy in a land based casino, I suspect that one would quickly attract unwanted attention by doing so. Since I live in a one casino city and my favorite game is blackjack, I certainly have no intention of attracting any unnecessary attention to myself by trying it out at my local.

On average the ‘0′ comes up one spin out of 36 on the single ‘0′ wheel. That simply means that if we have a large enough number of spins of the wheel, the ‘0′ will come up on average once in every 36 spins. In the short term the number may be much more frequent or further apart.

In my opinion, this has no chance of working with the ‘00′ wheel as the odds strongly favor the casino.

You can read more about this theory at Money saving expert

The other flaw in the theory is that banks charge y0u a fee when depositing money to an online casino (assuming one lives in a country or state where this is permitted) and the web wallet service handling your refund also charges you a fee. If you choose to take your money in a check, your bank fees may exceed the value of your check. For those living in many of the more impoverished countries there is the added hurdle of most online casinos refusing to accept your business because of the high rate of credit card fraud and charge backs.

I look forward to reading your comments on this theory .

Net Neutrality

August 29th, 2007

Originally posted April 30th, 2006

Net Neutrality is the foundation stone of the internet. The removal of this fundamental concept will emasculate the internet and ultimately destroy a great global resource. It has provided a forum for the ordinary person in the street that has proved far more effective than what the soap box in Hyde Park ever was. Minnows have gained redress against global corporations simply by harnessing its power. Cash strapped visionaries have used it to create highly successful enterprises.

The proposed ammendments to legislation to allow telecommunications companies to build a two tiered internet service will allow these companies to control the speed at which content can be delivered to customers. This is a recipe for global disaster and the dismantling of the internet as we know it today. Globally we currently have a multi tiered system that exists because of a combination of economics and technology. If one cannot afford a cable or adsl connection or such services are unavailable where you live, then you have to get by with the second rate service, namely a dial up connection. Those who live in the larger cities can access a first class broadband cable service (usually for not much more cost than a dial up connection). There are different standards of “broadband” connections and the speed of your connection can vary from not much faster than a good dial up connection to extremely fast, hence the many different levels of service that are currently available. At present the speed of your service it throttled by the quality of your connection to the internet.

If the proposed amendments are passed, the speed of access will be throttled by the telecommunications companies on a per site basis. The site owner will have to pay a high fee so that potential visitors can view the site. Since no site can survive for long without traffic, this will give the telecommunication companies, the right to tax you, censor your site and control foreign trade.

I am an Australian National that has had the good fortune to travel globally frequently for extended periods of time. As such I normally refrain from commenting on another country’s political matters. This issue has so much potential to adversely affect the global internet that I feel I must highlight the potential negative effects.

The removal of internet neutrality has such significant potential for global impact that this issue is a global issue. The United States of America started the internet and controls the key governing bodies for the internet. A very large proportion of the world’s internet traffic passes through points in the U.S. Assuming the proposed changes are passed, the U.S. telecommunications companies will have the power to restrict global trade simply by deciding as to whom we are allowed to communicate with. Censorship?

They will also have the power to decide if your site can be viewed by users at large. Censorship by another name?

The application of these proposed laws has the potential to bankrupt even large internet based businesses. Even if an enterprise has its own fibre optic cables and data center, it must at some stage connect into the telecommunications network to reach the end user. At this point, a telecommunications company can throttle their service to such a low speed that the users connection will constantly time out.

If you do not think this could happen, think again. In Australia, we have two main telecommunications companies, namely Optus which is owned by Singtel who in turn is owned by the Singapore Government and Telstra which is 51% owned by the Australian Government. Optus has a fiber optic cable that runs from Cairns in the far north to Perth in the west via Melbourne in the south (about 8,000 miles) with fiber optic distribution networks in the capital cities. Telstra has a network that covers the whole of the country with various levels of service that range from pathetic to reasonable, with all at a premium price. The smaller telcos (including Optus) rent lines from Telstra and sell these servies to clients at a cheaper price than what one can access that service direct from Telstra.

Here is where the dirty tricks come in. When you sign up with the smaller company, you wait and wait and then wait some more to get your service connected. Should that service malfunction, you wait for an eternity to have it repaired. In the meantime your business is slowly going down the gurgler!

When ever Telstra has a BigPond (their internet service) promotion running in your area, it is amazingly coincidental as to how often your dial up service with another provider suddenly drops our or how slowly your dsl line runs.

It is extremely difficult if not impossible to prove that these things are being manipulated, but it is a widespread and commonly held belief.

If this amendment is passed, expect to see a huge increase in these coincidental incidents or be held to ransom to prevent it happening to you!

If you want to keep the internet intact place a link to and if you are a U.S citizen, voice your opposition to these proposed amendments.

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August 29th, 2007

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Internet Gambling Surpression

August 29th, 2007

Originally posted November 2nd, 2006

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was signed on 3th October 2006

By prohibiting U.S. Banks and other financial institutions from processing gambling transactions, the intent of the bill is to make it extremely difficult for U.S. citizens to gamble online.

The immediate fall out is that the most of the publicly traded casino companies have announced that they are quitting the U.S. market along with Playtec and Cryptologic.

If your favourite casino is powered by either Playtec or Cryptologic, it is a fair bet that your casino will be quitting the U.S. market.

Interestingly this legislation does not make it illegal for citizens to gamble online.It merely seeks to emasculate the cash flow to the casinos.

A number of casino groups have indicated that they are remaining in the U.S. Market and are accepting new players from all states in the U.S. and a few others have decided to accept players from most states in the U.S. with the exception of Illinois ,Indiana , Louisiana , Michigan , Nevada,Oregon , South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.

You can acess a list of online casinos where you can still play your favourite games at Online Casinos

The regulators have up to 270 days from the date of the signing of the bill to formulate the regulations to restrict cash flow. Whilst many have made educated guesses at what form these will take, no one really knows. Many of the banks are saying that they cannot tell for what purpose money is being transferred to non U.S. based online payment gateways.

The largest of these, Neteller, a Canadian based company, initially said it was business as usual and a few days later they said they would comply with the new laws. It remains to be seen as to how many of these non U.S. based payment gateways fall into line with the new regulations. For some casinos to publicly state that they will continue to provide services to new and existing U.S. customers suggests that they have received confidential undertakings from some of these non U.S. payment gateways to continue providing financial transactions for onlinr casinos.

In the short term it looks like the number of online casinos and poker rooms offering services to U.S. clients will shrink from several thousand to maybe less than 100.

The burning question is this - Is this a cynical exercise to appease the bible belt during the current election campaign and afterwards there will be a little tinkering around the edges of the current cash flow restrictions that may make the transfer of funds to casinos a little more difficult but otherwise it will be business as usual for the online casinos and poker rooms that decide to tough it out?

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Online Poker Petition - an attempt to persuade legislators to legalise online poker

August 29th, 2007

November 3rd, 2006

Some poker players are so concerned about the potential demise of their favourite past time that they have set up an online petition in an attempt to persuade legislators to legalise online poker. If you reside in the U.S. and would like to add your support, please go to Online Poker Petition and add your support.

In the present political climate they will need all the support they can get.

If you enjoy the occassional game of poker, please advise your poker playing associates and encourage them to add their voice to the petition.
Good Luck

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Changing Web hosts

August 28th, 2007

We have changed webhosts. Our old host put in a fully automated help system and then left no way for customers to contact a human. After several weeks of trying to contact them to get a relatively simple problem resolved and getting our email rejected on all their published email addresses we made the decision to move ‘house’.

In the process we exported our data but can’t get our new installation to upload it. If all else fails, we shall manually reinstall the more important posts during the net week or so and manually add our link partners again.